Build a home server - part 2

The hardware is now assembled and it is time to install an operating system. My choice is Ubuntu and the only reason is that I am used to it. As version 12.04 was about to be released I started with the beta. Worked fine!

I am using the two 60 GB SSD disks as mirrored root. I partitioned the disks as follows:

gdisk /dev/sdd:
Number Start (sector) End (sector) Size Code Name
1 34 195346 95.4 MiB EF00 EFI_boot
2 195347 19726597 9.3 GiB FD00
3 19728384 36505599 8.0 GiB 8200
4 36505600 117229567 38.5 GiB FD00

The motherboard supports EFI, so partition 1 is formatted for EFI boot.
Partition 2 is a RAID partition.
Partition 3 is a swap partition
Partition 4 is a RAID partition for the future Flashcache block device.

OS installation is pretty straight forward. Create a RAID 1 array (/dev/md0) from partition 2 of the two disks and use it for the root partition. Later during installation I just chose to install OpenSSH server, so that I can sit in my sofa and do the remaining configuration.

Post OS installation task: sudo passwd root

Part 3 - Post OS installation tasks

Postat av: Dr.Antidata

Tell us more about Flashcache!


2012-04-27 @ 13:12:33
Postat av: Dr Data

Oh! A fellow collegue.

It would be extremly stupid of me to reveal any secrets to anyone from the dark side...

2012-04-28 @ 06:04:56

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