Build a home server - part 8

Configure LVM for snapshots
I got it all to work; softwareRAID, LVM and Flashcache. Proven, stable techniques. But when I realize that a snapshot in LVM takes the same amount of disk space as the source... It will not work on a home server with, say, one or more 1 TB file systems. The techniques are good. No dought about it. But they have also grown old. I have to abandon this approach.

The end.

Postat av: Dr.Antidata

You´re journey felt like a Greek tragedy that ended to soon. Norén might write a play about this someday.

2012-05-23 @ 08:00:08
Postat av: Dr Data

You're evil, dr Antidata. Pure evil!

2012-05-23 @ 08:06:04
Postat av: Bengt Blajskorv

Va snygg du är på bild din TARM

Svar: Uggabugga på dig själv!
Dr Data

2012-05-24 @ 14:56:15

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